Kennels and Dog Runs

Three dogs lying in grass

As a dog lover himself, Mark DeSelle understands the importance of a safe and secure kennel for your dog(s). DeSelle Fence Co. custom builds all kennels based on you and your pets specific needs.

Whether your kennel needs are commercial (dog boarding and breeding) or residential we have the experience and knowledge to help create the perfect home for your pet. Our kennels are made from high quality materials with hand welded edges providing you with the safest environment for your family, friends, and animals.

Dog runs are a great way to secure your pets but allows them the freedom to run, play, and burn energy.

Why DeSelle for Your Dog Kennel?

Brown dog

Why choose the professionals at DeSelle Fence Co. for a kennel?

  • Strength
  • Quality (all welded)
  • Custom size options
  • Enhanced security

There is a difference between our kennels and a "big box" kennel!